Our brand and reputation are defined by captivating events that are specially unique for each of our clients. Our company’s forte and passion is styling. Celebrating in style and leaving an everlasting impression is our heartfelt commitment. Our distinct style, custom-tailed work and attention to detail are reflected in all of our work. We love styling all types of celebrations, transforming spaces, as well as, styling shoots for branded productions.

We have the ability to create beauty in an empty space or in a fully furnished venue— because inspiration, in our eyes, is everywhere… and, our imagination is limitless. Bonito Design orchestrates events that are aesthetically appealing to the eye, sprinkled with elegance and that unmistakeable Bonito touch.

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.
— Andy Warhol


We believe in quality. We also believe in breaking some rules to create an extraordinary product (Bonito, that is!). Our style is delicate, sleek & innovative, giving “simplicity” a whole new meaning through our designs. We discover beauty and harmony in the use of negative space. Yes, as you can already tell… we love negative space and visually expressing how less can be more.

Our mission is to spread as much joy as we can in every little detail. Creating for people’s experience fuels our soul with gratitude, as every single door we open brings us a new happiness to explore. And, each opportunity is incredibly fulfilling. The chance to share in and be part of our clients’ most treasured memories, for us, is truly priceless.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance
— Coco Chanel


The word “Bonito” is the Spanish term for beautiful or pretty.
The aesthetic quality that we execute is portrayed in the literal meaning of the word “bonito”. The love for creating is our philosophy. And, uncovering untapped beauty is always our goal.

You’re probably wondering, “Bonito Design. Why a ‘Spanglish’ name?” Bonito Design also reflects my being bicultural— an American woman with Latin roots.


ABOUT Helen guzman

Helen Guzman, Event Stylist & Founder of Bonito Design & Events. I have always been driven by creativity and dreamed of starting my own brand one day. With a background in web design, I founded Bonito Design in 2009 when I decided to create “Spanglish” Greeting Cards, which quickly evolved into a custom design stationary business for special events. This path is what eventually led me to my passion for styling events.

I was born and raised in New York City. Both of my parents are from Ecuador; so, naturally, my first language was Spanish. BONITO is definitive of my cultural background in many ways. I’m a “latina americana”, who generates beauty everywhere— especially when it comes to my work (pretty “bonito” if I may say so myself!).

It made perfect sense to use the universal word "Bonito" as the staple for my business. The name illustrates the vibrant influence which my culture has on my designs and who I am as a person and artist. I express myself through different art media. And, challenging my creativity strengthens my craft each day.

Throughout the years, my designs have evolved, but my style has stayed consistent. Part of success, for me, is when people can distinguish my work from the rest. My vision is to expand my brand and mission and to continue creating happiness through the art of event design. And, I hope to connect with many of you who express interest in Bonito.


... People will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou

Photos by Denisse Benitz

Written Content by Michelle Becerra