Hola! Bonito Design & Events did a Unicorn Party in Ecuador last year on this very same date.

If you recall from the fiesta of the photos seen HERE and on Bonito Instagram, was for my loving grandmother who turned 96. Today she turns 97 and because I just couldn't go this year (which I am totally bummed about) I decided to reminisce on all of Bonito's platform celebrating her.

On Instagram I will be posting photos of the party and video clips I have not shared. And on here I wanted to share a few tips on planning a destination party and some behind the scenes as well. So make sure you read below and then hop to HERE to see the instagram pics.

For those Planning a Destination Event or thinking about it here we go!


  • PACKING: Of course, I wanted to pack the luggage with ALL my party decor, but that wasn't realistic. Instead, I packed a few things that were necessary that I knew I was going to have a struggle finding of there. So I packed things like mini pinatas, pastel colored balloons, cute paper cups/plates and even the unicorn cake topper made it to this travel. I also, kept in mind of thaking things that weren't too bulky or breakable. Everything else I got locally.


  • TIP: Balance out what to take and be smart of what is really needed because you also want to minimize shopping time on your trip. If you must take an item that is breakable I would say to make sure to wrap the item securely. I went heavy on the bubble wrap and paper to cover a few fragile things and made sure to place it in between clothes.


  • LOCATION: Second, most important thing was location. After searching many pretty options we decided Nazu City Hostel's Penthouse was our best option. A Spacious, Modern Location, with a great Rooftop, Furniture and a brick wall I crushed on. The other reason was that we had to find a place that wasn't far for my grandmother to travel to.


  • TIPS: Concentrate on what you need from the space and make sure you read all amenities they provide before you book. I made sure I communicated that we were going to have a family gathering since this was a Penthouse not a venue. Thankfully it all worked out to our favor, but I strongly suggest you have great communication with the manger or owner. That way there are no surprises.



  • LOCAL VENDORS: Researched Piñata & Baker vendors mostly on instagram. Social Media specially Instagram is a great tool to use to navigate through vendors. As for the cake my aunt made it :)
  • Since this was in Ecuador my communications were through emails, whatsapp and knowing Spanish helped.
  • Try to give yourself enough time to search and communicate with vendors before the party.


  • NYC VENDOR: I decided to take the cake topper because I knew my aunt would do the cake. So what I needed was a fabulous cake topper.  Joycie Cakes made a fondant unicorn topper to perfection. I was a little scared that something may happen to it because I was going to travel for 7 hour. Joycie reassured me that I should be fine and she boxed it securely. She was right!
  • TIP: A simple cake is always easy to get anywhere. Just make sure it has something that gives it a personal or thought outtouch. - If you are taking a cake topper I suggest to took it by hand in a small bag. Always consult with the baker on directions or advice.


  • SHOPPING: For cupcakes & flowers I went to a local Floralist Company and a local bakery.
  • TIPS: Limit your shopping experience so you don't get beyond overwhelmed.

Ultimately, planning an event big or small in another state or country can be a little challenging. Our Unicorn theme party in Ecuador was a family celebration honoring our grandmother who turned 96 years of age. I wanted something different that we could all experience together. Time was limited and it needed a little more tlc than usual. A little sleep deprived, but all worth it. My family was an amazing resource and unbelievable help. So just make sure to do your research and keep this basic tips in mind.

This event was beyond special and happily successful! I wish I was there right now, but until then I will celebrate her virtually. FELIZ CUMPLEANOS ABUELITA!

Plus, when I do go no matter what month I will be creating a party for her either way.

Ok Hasta Luego. Xo.

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