Small Celebrations


Bonito understands that small gatherings / parties / events for any occasion need love too!

As an Event Stylist and Creative Director of Bonito Design, I get opportunities to work with many lovely clients. Not all of our Events are the same in size nor concept. However, we style and plan every event with much passion and love no matter it's size. 

Small celebrations are as much fun to style. We have styled dinners for small groups and love how intimate our decor plays a part of their special day. Details are always a biggie in our events and even more at a smaller events. We get to focus more on the details and have more room to personalize for the client's special day. We LOVE it all!

We have the magic touch and know the tricks around making every event/party/gathering Bonito (Beautiful), so don't think your event is too small for us!

Now let's party! Send us an email to start the chat!

XO Helen