I could not have chosen a better event planner to work with me on putting together my daughter’s 1st birthday party. Helen has been an absolute sweetheart since our very first phone conversation. I knew I wanted to work with her from the very first call we ever had because she is so friendly and enthusiastic about what she does. She is very knowledgeable in her field and super duper creative and fun to bounce ideas off of.

She literally understood everything I wanted as if she was in my head! It was tons of fun working out all the details for the party and seeing our Secret Garden ONEderland theme come to life the day of the party. Oh, what a magical party she created for us!

Helen was able to beautifully bring all my ideas to life and our party turned out exactly as I had envisioned it down to every last detail! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Helen and I will definitely be keeping in touch and using her expertise for my future parties. I would recommend Helen to anyone and everyone who is looking for a fun, stress-free party planning experience with breathtaking results.

Best wishes always,

Shanzé’s Mommy

"Helen, As I sit here & look back at my pictures from my party all I can say is you are amazing!

You did a fabulous job at bringing my ideas to fruition & it was perfect! I LOVED IT & so did my guests. Thank You!" - Oceola

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