Bonito's Event Tips


Hola! We are very happy to know many of you loved all the photos on Instagram of this Birthday Dinner. I wanted to share one of my favorite tools to use when styling, answer one question on flowers I always receive & a little lesson I learned.

FAVORITE TOOL: Butane Lighters

WHY: The most quick & efficient way to light up candles.

FACT/TIP: I stack up on multiple butane lighters. You can get them in 99cent stores or any craft store.


Q: "Where can I buy nice flowers?"

A: The Flower District is a good place to find a variety of flowers. However, I tend to get flowers from Whole Foods, Trader Joe and even local grocery stores.

Tip: It's all about knowing how to pick them and styling them.

LESSON: Helen forgot her memory card! OMG MOMENT! Thankfully after a few minutes of disbelief and taking iphone pics a Papillon Staff lucky lend me his.

Moral of the story, I must stack of memory cards like I do lighters. And never underestimate the importance of the checking list.

Summing it all up THE PAPILLON BISTRO TEAM ROCKS!!! Always beyond helpful and fun to work with every single time even if we are all running around. 

XO Helen.

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